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  1. Steve Sakes says:

    Very interesting information, thanks for the resources Wade. Well laid out and very informative.

  2. Ron says:

    Exceptional work Wade!

  3. bkennedy says:

    Your item on Meiorin in the context of contracts and employment should equally be applied to grounds of age and contracts offered to retail investors trying to put aside for their later years, when contract clauses illegally try to foist liability for the registered entity or fre s dealer broker arms failure to bbe responsible for errors omissions and other subpar goods and services on the part of their third party vendors
    Retail investors are set up for failure under such circumstances in their efforts to try to provision for later years. (adverse effect discrimination) as well as disparate treatment compared to what professional institutional players would accept. There are many aspects of age linked discrimination that entities like the OHRT needs to get up to speed on compared to say issues on race gender and disability.

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